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Binary IDES - Image Data Entry System

Binary IDES - Image Data Entry System. The best product for survey, course enrollment and other data input project. Flexibility to create and print form, support mark cross symbol and filled in cycle by pencil or pen, fast retrieval a huge of form with high speed scanner and store image form for rechecking. Binary IDES can convert data to specific numeric style and work on network.


The problem in the manual processing



Low cost for duplication your forms Binary IDES can process and deskew the forms which duplicate from laser printer. No need to use special printing.
Collation form Binary IDES can process with collation form. Support maximum 8 pages and 1500 marks per page.
The flexibility to create your forms You can design your own forms using MS Word or Adobe PageMaker or Excel, print them on your printer, scan and recognize data with your high speed scanner. Define the position of each mark in the image of the form with Form Generator, and then duplicate your form as many as you need. You have complete flexibility over how the form is set up and where the marks are located.


Flexibility with mark selection Binary IDES support mark cross symbol and filled in cycle by pen or pencil.
You can define each mark should convert into if filled in with Binary IDES For example, convert data from left to right or top to bottom or reverse and can use comma (,) symbol for field separation.
The accuracy Image Base Processing Technology (IBP) You can fix all position of marks and able to DeSkew the form. Binary IDES will correct the mark‘s position before processing. If Binary IDES cannot recognize the mark ‘s position, the process will reject that form for the accuracy.

Export the data You can export the data to ASCII text file for use with virtually any analysis package such as SPSS or Excel. Binary IDES can also save the data for transferring to your database.
Processing Binary IDES can work on standalone or using across a network is based on client/server system with Oracle Database.
How to read the form Binary IDES includes Form Generator which research and develop by Binary Graphics. Form Generator can define the position of marks in the image form that you design. Support maximum 1500 marks/page. It’s that friendly use and easy!