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Binary MCTA - Multiple Choices Test Analysis


Binary MCTA

Highly accurate and reliable results for you tests.

The leading Image Base Processing (IBP) Windows based forms-processing software package for multiple choice testing. Binary MCTA recognizes bubbles marks. Respondents can use pencil, pen even marker. Work with test forms you can design and print them on your laser printer. Then use Binary MCTA scan and recognize data with Canon DR imaging scanners, analyze the data in Binary MCTA or export the data to the application of your choice.

The Image Base Processing (IBP) Windows based test forms-processing software package for multiple choices testing works with Canon Document Reader that using TWAIN-Compliant, speed 40 – 130 pages/minute. Using across a network is based on client/server system with Database. Binary MCTA can manage, scan, recognize, filtering, analyze, import-export the data and provide many Item analysis and standard reports.

Test Form Designed and Printing- Flexibility and Saving.

You can design and print as many test forms as you want, whenever you want on a local laser printer, no need to purchase expensive preprinted test forms.



Preparing data Easily, Flexibly.

You can import student and course data from .csv file or .txt file, the related data of student connect automatically.

Setting up to 3 types of marking a key.

You can mark a key that uses the matching answers; mark a key that uses the optional subjective scoring area, the subjective scoring area allows you to add a mathematic score to a unit test score and mark a key that uses multiple version key/multiple response answers.

Provides testing database, Validate filters system and automated item analysis.

Support you to work easily, flexibly, quickly, efficiently, valid and reliably.

Scan test forms and recognize data quickly and efficiently.

You can save time with one pass of the test forms through the scanner and rapid scoring through the application.

Protecting data within database.

Prevent all unauthorized users access to computer and provides automatic backup and recovery to protect data from common causes of data loss.

Search and fix incorrect response marks or image test forms.

When the students mark incorrect ids, or you scan the confounding test forms, you can find the missing response and fix it from your desktop to protect the missing test score.

Get accurate and reliable results of image test forms from your desktop.

You can access report to re-check and approve the missing result on image test forms such as multiple bubbles, multiple student ids, missing bubbles and etc. from your desktop. Save time with rapid accessing and results, no need to re-scan.



Access reports with just a few clicks, at your convenience.

  • Image test forms report such as missing students report, incorrect response answer or mark report and etc.
  • Test Scoring, Histogram graphs, Maximum, Minimum, Mean, Standard Deviation, and LOG report
  • Graphical report between Difficult index (p) and Discriminant index (r)
  • Corrective Answer sheet Simulation report
  • Item analysis report and Item quality summary report to indentify which items are good, fix and not good

Using across a network is based on client/server system with Database

Windows based forms-processing software package, support MS Windows.

With the powerful RDBMS, Binary MCTA can take advantage of the proven performance, reliability and security. Stability and efficient system supports all known platforms : Windows, Linux, Unix.

" Binary Graphics Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 by specialists team (Document Processing specialists, Database Management System Specialists and Enterprise System Management specialists). Researched and developed two types of software, “Binary MCTA”, the answer sheet scoring system and “Binary IDES”, the image data entry system. "

“Binary MCTA” The answer sheet scoring system.

4 features integration for Binary MCTA innovation

  • Image processing
  • Hi speed scanner management
  • Data processing and data validation methods for validity and reliability process
  • Measurement and evaluation in education

Inspiration of “Binary MCTA” research and development

" In the past, we had opportunity to work on the measurement and evaluation in education. The data preparation was complicated. The software provided was only at the big school or university and did not support specific requirements. "

" We continue to develop for “Binary MCTA” stability, reliability and Item Analysis. Item Analysis can analyze the items, difficult or easy, can differentiate among students on the basis of how well they know and analyze the test reliability. "

Binary IDES The questionnaire reader

" Binary IDES is different from Binary MCTA. The test result in Binary MCTA is “True” or “False” but Binary IDES result is the primary data of answer choices from questionnaire or form. "

" We export the primary data file from Binary IDES for processing by Microsoft Excel or SPSS. "