Binary Graphics

Binary IR - Items Recognition

Binary IR is the abbreviation of Binary Item Recognition. Which is a software to identify and read the marked circles and checked marks on the forms and also to give result in excel format to simplify the process in organization. Usually process of data-entry from Sampling Survey , Poll , etc. Many staffs have to type data into file. Binary IR can read check marks and bubble marks, transform value of data from Sampling form to text file to solve this problem and make it easier.


The problem in the manual processing

The flexibility to create your forms You can design your own forms using any software such as Excel, word, photoshop etc., print them on your printer, scan and recognize data with your high speed scanner. Define the position of each mark and then duplicate your form as many as you need. You have complete flexibility over how the form is set up and where the marks are located.
Form size Binary IR will support any paper size or thickness supported by your scanner.
Collation form Binary IR can process with collation form. Support maximum 10 pages and 800 marks per page.
The accuracy Image Base Processing Technology. You can fix all position of marks and able to DeSkew the form. Binary IR will correct the mark‘s position before processing. If Binary IR cannot recognize the mark ‘s position, the process will reject that form for the accuracy.
High Speed Binary IR works with high speed scanner and process your survey or any forms.
Flexibility with mark selection Binary IR support mark cross symbol and filled in cycle by pen or pencil.
You can define each mark should convert into if filled in with Binary IR.
Export the data You can export the data to xls and csv file.
Binary IR has 2 types of processing
1. Scan Document (Scan the form and convert to Tiff files)
2. Import File (Import Tiff file from computer)
Once import or scan is done, Binary IR can read the tick/bubble marks and give result in excel.