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Binary MRIS [Medical Resources Imaging Systems]

Binary MRIS

Binary MRIS is the abbreviation of “Binary Medical Resources Imaging Systems” which is the management information systems for medical resources imaging. All of medical images taken in any hospital departments can be acquired to Binary MRIS and capable with centralized management.

Binary MRIS The mixed system of various technologies such as specific software, medical equipment, hi-speed scanner, interactive pen display, database system, network system and wireless system.

Binary MRIS empowers more efficient collaboration, to help doctors enable the secure access medical imaging anytime, anywhere with a click of a button across.

3 types of medical imaging collaboration.

  • Medical imaging from medical records, physician notes, copies of correspondence and appointment schedules, Laboratory reports and surgical dictations.
  • Medical imaging from digital camera, mobile devices, endoscope, microscope, Non-mydriatic camera, imaging in forensic medicine and pathology.
  • Medical imaging from medical equipment such as X-rays, ultrasounds, CT and MRI scans and echocardiograms.


Binary Graphics has developed Binary MRIS to solve the problems in various parts and be able to create the further innovations. Generally, the normal electronics document management software will just only store medical records by scanning method, while Binary MRIS provides the additional methods other than scanning images which can directly acquire images from any devices and also store document images from written on electronics boards such as E-Form or written on interactive pen display devices. The issues of papers, printing, copying and storing are overlooked.

The currently improvement is work flow system. Binary Graphics developed software for a communication between position 1 and 2. The image will be transmitted and received as real time and the paper usage will also be reduced.

In the perspective of future E-Form usage of Binary MRIS, this related to read the marked position, lineation or checking position inside the document. After the position was obtained, we can decode the value as the transformation of position value and further introduce the data to computer system. The operation steps and various errors will be reduced.

Binary MRIS – Advantages

  • Information Acquisition from various HIS such as HomC, HOSxP, PROTEUS, Mrecord, BHIS.
  • Fast store and search. Flexibility, stability and security system.
  • Simplifying medical record scanning using hi-speed scanner.
  • Import medical imaging from digital camera, mobile device, microscope and other medical equipment.
  • Store E-form and handwriting using interactive pen display.
  • Easy access to patient information from anywhere, anytime.
  • Links to Hospital IT systems such as HIS, LIS and RIS. Improved medical diagnosis.
  • Time savings with Image workflow.